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Burn Test

In July 2007, the MacEwan neighborhood located in Edmonton, Alberta suffered the largest residential fire in the history of the City. Over $20 million worth of damage was caused to a 149 unit condo complex project that was still under construction. This event prompted the Province to change the building and fire codes to minimize the spread of fire during new home construction. The Alberta Fire Code (AFC was adopted which requires home builders to use fire resistant sheathing for exterior side walls. Today, PinkShield is one of the more popular fire protective paints used to pre-coat sheathing.

In this test, an uncoated joist burned through in 4 minutes, 38 seconds and the PKI coated with PinkShield burned through in 10 minutes, 18 seconds.

In The Case Of Fire, The Overall Aim Of PinkShield Is To:

  • Delay fire and smoke from engulfing other areas of the structure
  • Delay the collapse of the building structure which prevents the occupants escape
  • Delay the growth of the fire to and the time it takes to spread to adjacent units

There Are Two Main Purposes To Have Fire Protected Wood:

1) DELAY THE IGNITION OF A FIRE: When wood coated with PinkShield intumescent paint is exposed to flame, the coating begins to expand and forms a protective barrier between the ignition source and the wood. This barrier delays the time it takes for wood to actually ignite and sustain a flame compared to uncoated lumber.

2) REDUCE THE SPREAD OF FIRE: Should a fire occur, wood coated with PinkShield intumescent paint slows the spread of flame which offers additional time for occupants to escape the building and for emergency services to combat the fire.

Whether you are renovating your home or building a new garage, you should consider giving your wood a "pink coat" that reduces flame spread and moisture damage.

PinkShield Can Be Applied To Any Wood Building Materials According To Different Levels Of Wet Mils:

pinkhousePKBOARD EXTERIOR SHEATHING: New home construction now requires fire-rated exterior sheathing on sidewalls. To meet these fire rating requirements, the sheathing must have a Flame Spread Rating (FSR) under 25 and also function as a 15 minute thermal barrier when applied to OSB or plywood. PinkShield's PKboard (factory coated OSB / Plywood) met both of these requirements. PinkShield has also been subjected to numerous weathering tests to ensure the coating does not wash off, crack or delaminate on the job site.

pklumber-brochureI-JOISTS AND LUMBER – I-Joists and lumber do not have to be fire-rated by code. If a builder or home owner wants to add that extra protective punch, PinkShield can be site applied to interior framing, basement sub floors & joists or stairs, reducing the rate of flame spread. See our Flame Spread Value/Minutes charts to determine how thickness affects the performance of PinkShield in case of fire. PinkShield can be rolled, brushed or sprayed to achieve the thickness and protection you desire.


Why Protect from Water Damage?

In June 2013, there was a catastrophic flood event that occurred in Southern Alberta that caused $5 billion in damages. 100,000 homeowners were displaced from their homes in Calgary and surrounding area, many with heartbreaking water damage.

If wood is submerged in water for days, it is deeply absorbed and the moisture absorbed into wood can quickly result in funguses like mildew and rot. Once this happens, the wood must be torn down and replaced. This has happened to thousands of Calgary and High River, Alberta homes.

In addition to fire resistance, PinkShield's dry paint film makes wood mildew and weather resistant. Other wood coatings may breakdown or deteriorate with even brief exposure to moisture. PinkShield has been third party tested against water spray exposure, freeze thaw cycles and UV tests. In the case of a flood, the paint coating could provide wood extra time to dry out reducing expensive teardowns.



Since its inception, PinkShield has supported the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (Prairies*NWT) by tinting the fire protective paint pink and by donating $3.00 per gallon of retail paint sales to the foundation. Read More >>


There are two main purposes to have fire protected wood:



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